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Frequently asked questions.

Can I cancel, push, or reschedule an audition?

Once you book an appointment, you reserve that time and another actor cannot book that time at our studio.  All clients who cancel or reschedule their appointment less than 3 hours before the scheduled appointment forfeit their entire session amount.  If you cancel or reschedule at least 3 hours before your scheduled time, there will be no penalty.  You can rebook a new appointment that works for you.


What if I am running late for my audition?

It is very important that you always arrive BEFORE your scheduled time starts.  We recommend 15 minutes early.  Contact us immediately via text (404-388-4882) or email to let us know what your eta is if you are running late.  If you are more than 10 minutes late we cannot guarantee holding your audition slot unless you are certain you can finish in the remaining time without going over.  


What if I don't finish and need more time?

 If you don't finish, you will need to schedule another taping session. We cannot always guarantee adding time after your session. If we are able to add time it will be $1 per additional minute with a minimum of $10/10 min. 


What time should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes BEFORE your scheduled audition time to get organized, focus, relax, and prepare for your audition like the pros do.  


Where can I wait if I arrive early?

We have a private lobby area just for you!  We recommend you wait here 10-15 minutes before your audition so you can enter the taping room at your scheduled time.  You are also welcome to wait in the buildings main lobby area as early as you need!  The building opens at 7am. 


Will I be charged for all my reserved time?

You will be charged for ALL of the time you reserved, and ALL of the extra time you use.  $1 per each additional minute with a $10/10 min minimum.


Can I add coaching to my session?

We can add on the fly coaching to any session for an additional charge of $10-25 depending on the length of your session.  We recommend booking our 1 hour coaching/taping session for a thorough and complete plan of attack for your audition.


Do you have a teleprompter?

Yes, we can add a teleprompter to your session for an additional $10. Please email the script in a format that is NOT a pdf.  Word doc, or email is best so we can manipulate the text and load it into the prompter for your session.


Can you upload my files for me?

Yes!  We can upload your audition to Actors Access immediately after your session for an additional $5.  Please book your session at least 2 HOURS before your audition tape is due to ensure us enough time to edit and upload without complications.  


Can I get all my takes?

We can send you up to 2 takes per scene.  If casting has requested 3, we can send 3 at no additional charge.  If you want all the takes from your session, please bring a USB drive, external hard drive, or SD card(fast enough to handle 4K files) and we can drop all the takes to your device. 


How soon can I get my files?

Generally less than an hour after your session ends, if not sooner.  Depends on how complex your audition is.  If you don't see it within an hour, please text (404)388-4882 and email us to check on the status and we will make sure it arrives before the due date/time.  

Let's Work Together

The more you rehearse, prepare, and get organized BEFORE your scheduled session, the smoother your session will go and the faster we can get your tapes to you!  It's what the Pros do.

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