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Covid-19 Policies

*If you are sick, have any symptoms, or are not fully vaccinated, please DO NOT book an appointment or come into the studio.  We can set up a Zoom session instead.

If you are not fully vaccinated, remember this could prevent you from working on a Network show or SAG-Aftra film.  Don't let a great audition and potential booking go to waste, or endanger fellow working actors by exposure.

All of our staff is fully vaccinated. Please wear a mask into the studio if you are not fully vaccinated until we are ready to record your audition.  We are doing our best to follow protocols to keep everyone safe so we can all continue to work and slow the spread of Covid-19. 


Please maintain 6 ft distance, do not cross behind the lights and camera, and stay in the actors section of the room.  You can see playback on our 50" 4K TV from your mark without a problem.  We are doing our best to sanitize the room daily and do our part, please do yours and we can all get thru this together.  

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